P.B.A condition

update: We now know that Nick had a break in his face from under his right eye that healed abnormally "different" with scar tissue.  

In late 2017 - through 2018 Nicholas began showing symptoms of P.B.A. (Pseudobulbar affect) In 2019 it was thought by the Doctor at FCHC that Nicholas may have suffered brain trauma during his years of practicing martial arts out in the Fresno summers for an extended of twelve years.   It was noted because for no reason what so ever he began to cry, suddenly and often.  It was thought to be battles with depression but later was figured out to be the result of Nicholas suffering on average "four heat strokes" per year, for twelve years straight! Nicholas would burn through them saying he "Loved it."  "Because  when my body felt like it wanted to literally give up I would keep fighting though it. It felt like a fight and felt like a war."  He would go on to explain that he only stopped when he literally felt like his "heart was going to stop." Sadly, the result of this  training and an estimated "forty heat strokes" later, seemed to leave Nicholas with a P.B.A type of effect.  It's amazing considering the Doctor explained to him that one heat stroke could of killed him, to think he looked forward to them on average four times a year was both very foolish and dangerous.  On a YouTube video of an audio clip of him talking about why he still continues to train,  he vaguely can be heard explaining the heat stroke situation as "when I was outside burning my shit!" 

He now lives with this effect daily.  Out of three hundred and sixty five days a year, there is probably sixty days, where he doesn't find himself crying once -"according to him".  Which means he is affected by it at some point, big or small,  an astonishing *on average* three hundred days out of the year! That has to be ruthless for anyone!  He chronicled it through some social media postings in the past - but never fully explained in detail how he got there. This section is to shed light on that matter and why he says the last thing he wants to hear is "awe" when its happening.  He was always one to post his thoughts, feelings, good or bad, out there, and this was no different.    He strongly feels, however,  this condition isn't as bad or as extreme as others,  and he does wish for people to learn about the effects of brain trauma and P.B.A.  

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